Live Lighthouse Webcam @ 10:43pm in Ireland

We build Multi-Award Winning Emergency Response Team Software and our offices are in an Irish Lighthouse! The view from our desks looks across Dublin Bay towards the capital city - it's so incredible, we had to set up a webcam to share it with you!

Our live camera is hosted by Camworx Live who make it easy to provide live streaming video feeds to the web. The image will refresh automatically.

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Sitting precariously on top of rocks with its 134ft high tower and rotating light beaming out into Dublin Bay; the view from the Baily Lighthouse is just incredible. Now inside, a team of engineers, customer success personnel, and business professionals are building and exporting a technology product from Dublin Bay to 9 countries around the world.

The lighthouse was the last in Ireland to be converted to automatic operation and the lighthouse keepers were withdrawn from the Baily on 24th March 1997. From the nautical artwork of shipwrecks on the walls, to the portraits of coastal watch keepers and the navigation & signalling equipment gathered over 200 years, there is a deep history of accident prevention and emergency response in the building.

What is Decisions [D4H]?

The lighthouse has been given another opportunity to save more lives - by becoming the offices of Decisions [D4H], an Irish internet software company with software that saves lives. The company is comprised of emergency responders who have developed and now operate in-house, the world's leading emergency response team software.

World-wide, thousands of emergency responders use the system daily to help their organizations better prevent, manage, prepare, and analyze incidents. The connectivity of modern technology allows this exposed outcrop of rock on the East Coast of Ireland to remotely serve global customers such as Tier 1 Oil Exploration, Fire Fighters, Hazmat Workers, Chemical Responders, Helicopter operations, Coast Guard, Heavy Urban SAR, Search & Rescue, State Task Forces, Sheriff Departments, and beyond.

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International Network: United States(650) 866 5922 United Kingdom020 3432 0730 Ireland01 525 2970